I was raised in a small city outside of Philadelphia, called Chester. Prior to my birth Chester had a sign that illuminated in downtown. The sign lit up at night and read “What Chester Makes Makes Chester.” That sign went out, and was removed completely in 1973 - four years before I was born.
I am a storyteller. I am a self taught photographer and videographer with a B.B.A. in Human Resources Administration and Risk Management & Insurance from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I am the the Founder & Artistic Director of Staticc Art & Life, LLC, an arts company. My mission is “delivering beauty to the world.” As an activist, I have been involved in HIV and civil rights advocacy for as long as I can remember. During my college years I trained with the American Red Cross in HIV education, and did outreach work for the Chester AIDS Coalition.
Today, I stand proudly as a Black gay man and artist who tries new things with each project. It’s my vision to tell Black gay men’s fullest, most honest story. So often I find that our stories are stilted or watered down and often lack emotional complexity and variety. I see my work as continuing the work of Marlon Riggs, Essex Hemphill, Rotimi Fani-Kayode and Gordon Parks. Filmmaking, words and photography are all important to my work. I am always searching for a new way to communicate what’s happening. I am committed to telling the story behind the story - our fullness, our emotion.
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