Johnnie Ray Kornegay III
A storyteller, consultant, coach and non-profit leader with over 15 years of experience working in corporations.
2001 Bachelors of Business Administration Temple University, Philadelphia PA
2015- Counter Narrative Project (Network Director/Contractor) Atlanta, GA
2013- Jay Ray / Staticc Art & Life, LLC (Founder) Chester, PA
2014-2015 The Brown Dance Project (Managing Director) Columbus, OH
2013-2015 Mobotrol Inc./Gowango (Founder) Detroit, MI
2009-2015 The Home Depot Atlanta, GA
2003-2009 Borders Group Inc. Ann Arbor, MI
2000-2003 Independence Blue Cross Philadelphia, PA
Artist Residency
December, 2017      Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA
Solo Exhibitions
March, 2016            #BeTheFlame Atlanta, GA
Group Exhibitions
August, 2018          Larger Than Life - Atlanta, GA
August, 2018          Xpress - Atlanta, GA
May, 2018               Zero to 60 - Jersey City, NJ
May, 2018               MELT - Atlanta, GA
March, 2018            Fat AF! - Atlanta, GA
December, 2017      Disguises Welcomed Here (Artist Residency Show) - Atlanta, GA
June, 2017              Prizmatic - Atlanta, GA
December, 2016      Living With… - Atlanta GA
September, 2018      Positively Aware Magazine
April, 2018                DAZED Digital
January, 2018          WUSSY Magazine
April, 2017              I AM: Art, Activism & HIV - Atlanta, GA
Selected Artistic Projects
June, 2019
Producer / Executive Producer / Project Manager / Editor
Feature Film: Outrun The Sky
March, 2018
Principal Photographer / Videographer / Creative Director
EPITHET: “beautiful” (Documentary Film and Photography - Release Date TBD)
November, 2017 - March, 2018
Principal Photographer / Creative Director
NAKED (Debuting May, 2018)
September, 2017
Principal Photographer
July, 2017
Principal Photographer
HIV Vaccine Trials Network ( Photography Campaign
April, 2017
I AM… - Art, Activism and HIV in Atlanta (National Center for Civil & Human Rights)
March, 2017
Producer / Photographer / Creative Consultant
Guy Like Me (Music Video)
January, 2017
Producer / Photographer / Cover Art Designer
“Ashes To Ashes” (Music Video by Kipper Jones)
February, 2015
Producer / Actor / Social Media / Web Designer
December, 2014
Videographer / Director / Editor
“I Can’t Breathe” (Video Poem by Paris Crayton III)
November, 2014
Videographer / Director / Editor
“Black Folk” (Poem by Marcus Emel)
September, 2013
Creative Director / Videographer / Director / Editor
August, 2013
Interviewer / Videographer / Producer / Host
Rahbi (Singer)
Swift (Producer)
ChiProfess (Producer)
Eric Nine (Artist)
Sacred Ministry: The Black Gay DJ During The AIDS Crisis (30 Minutes) - Counter Narrative Project
A workshop where we discuss how three Black gay DJ's emerged during the AIDS crisis, inspired a new genre of music, and helped a generation of men cope with the devastation of AIDS to a beat.
Smash Song Hits: Album Cover Art & African-American History (30 Minutes)
Music is essential to the fabric of the human experience. Specifically, the African-American musical experience, from Jazz to Rap, has influenced the world. This presentation takes you through the history of Africans in America through album cover art.
The Drunken Whirly Whirl: How One Ominous Sound Sucked The Soul Out Of The Club (30 Minutes)
At the end of the 1960s, clubs in New York City and Philadelphia became synonymous with a soulful gospel tinged sound that went on to define the 1970s. By the time the 1990s closed an entirely new sound filled clubs. This presentation is about how one musical riff came to redefine dance music.
Networking: It’s Just Talking To People (30 Minutes)
Meeting new people can be scary. For the more outgoing - exhilarating. This presentation breaks down Professional Networking and provides tools for success that even the most introverted person can execute confidently. (Note: This presentation is the condensed version of a three-part training series.)
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